Prologue: Shakespearean Predecessors
                                                Edwin Booth as Hamlet 
                                                                Henry Irving as Shylock 
                                             Richard Mansfield as Richard III 
                                Johnston Forbes-Robertson as Hamlet 
                                         E. H.Sothern as Hamlet 
                                     Robert B Mantell as Shylock 
                                   Walter Hampden as Hamlet 
ACT I: The Royal Family
Mrs. John Drew as Mrs. Malaprop 

                                                      John Drew I as Sir Andrew Aguecheek 

                                                      Maurice Barrymore as Orlando 

                                                       John Drew II as Orlando 

                                                       Georgiana Drew Barrymore 
                                                          and her children c. 1887

                                                      Lionel Barrymore c. 1899 

                                                       Ethel Barrymore  in Captain Jinks 
                                                                     c. 1901

ACT II: Roles & Collaborators, 1903-1919
  Barrymore as a Young Actor 

                                                      Barrymore in Justice (1916) 

                                                      Barrymore in The Jest (1919) 

                                                      Edward Sheldon 

                                                     Arthur Hopkins 

                                                      Robert Edmond Jones 

                                                      Margaret Carrington 


ACT III: Richard III, 1920
    Richard, Duke of Gloucester 

                                                      Evelyn Walsh Hall as Queen Elizabeth 
                                                       Robert Edmond Jones's Set 

                                                         Richard as King 


ACT IV: Hamlet, 1922-25
Playbill for the 1922 Production 

                                                     Robert Edmond Jones's Set 
                                                   A Page from Barrymore's Studybook 

Hamlet and Ophelia (Rosalinde Fuller), 1922 


Hamlet and Gertrude (Blanche Yurka), 1922 


                                                   Playbill for the 1925 London Production 

                                                   Barrymore in the London Production  


ACT V: Aftermath
   Barrymore in The Beloved Rogue (1927) 

                                                        Barrymore as Richard III in 
                                                        The Show of Shows (1929)
                                                        Barrymore as Mercutio in 
                                                         Romeo and Juliet (1936)

                                                        Barrymore in My Dear 
                                                            Children (1940)

 Epilogue: Successors
               John Gielgud as Hamlet 
      Laurence Olivier as Hamlet 
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